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Protecting the environment is the fundamental mission of our group. In recent years we have invested over 100 million euros to create a new circular economy model, which is one of the most important case histories in Europe.

Here, where everything returns.

Caviro is an Italian agricultural cooperative founded in Faenza, in the heart of Emilia Romagna, in 1966.
Today, the Group exports to over 70 countries and makes up the largest Winery in Italy, guaranteeing high quality standards and a vast range of wines from North to South.

Every day we work to preserve the value of our natural resources. Recycling and regeneration of products and materials allows us to reduce the use of raw materials and energy right at the source. Thanks to this approach, we can satisfy the requirements of today’s generations, without compromising the opportunities of those who will come in the future.

More than a virtuous cycle: our model is the connection between the present and the future.

We are sustainable from an environmental perspective, because our “from vineyard to vineyard” model provides great benefits for the territory.

Wellbeing comes out of care and respect for the places where we live and work, where every single action makes a difference.
Operating in harmony with nature means respecting environmental balance, trying to keep it intact, and where possible, to enrich it.

Our work comes out of the earth, and we protect its resources thanks to our reductions in water consumption and climate-altering gas emissions, as well as through the production of renewable energy.


Environmental Sustainability - Caviro Group


Social Sustainability Caviro Group

We are sustainable from a social perspective, because the effects of our commitment create positive reverberations throughout the entire industry and in the community around us.

Being the largest vineyard in Italy entails a clear responsibility to the community and the regions where we work.
The common thread in Caviro’s operations is our guarantee of quality, food safety, and protection of working conditions and the surrounding environment.

Wellbeing, satisfaction and a sense of belonging are the key to uniting people in an integrated, ethical supply chain, from the vineyard to the table.

We are sustainable from an economic perspective, because our financial statements reflect our solidity and allow us to plan for long-term projects.

Economic sustainability is at the foundation of ethical development, which, despite its short-term cost, is priceless in the long term: it is only thanks to the ability to generate long-lasting value and income that we can implement conscious choices.

For over 50 years, our cooperative has represented a guarantee of security for the thousands of families that contribute products and pass down their passion and commitment to Italian viticulture.


Economic Sustainability Caviro Group